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Client Gallery

Heaters built by clients with the help of local masons

Heat-Kit with raw clay facing over brick, colored with iron oxide pigments.
Canton, NY

Heatkit with thinstone veneer.
Napanee, Ontario 2012

Heat Kit with bake oven. Lakefield, Quebec.
Client's preliminary design, client's floorplan
proposed dimensioned footprint, modified footprint
installed core
progress photo

corner contraflow heater
Contraflow heater, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Mason: Bob Weaver Masonry
local Mocha granite and Appalachia Autumn stone. Stone source: shukes(at)
high resolution version

HK 22 with rear oven.
Soapstone facing.
Mason: Pier Boersma, Pillar Masonry, Bellingham WA

Heat Kit masonry heater by Martin Palmer
HK 22 with front ove
Bay Bulls, Newfoundland
Mason: Martin Palmer

Dan Miller's masonry heater

712-MILLD: HK22 w oven and coil. Juneau, Alaska.
client's footprint, elevation
Heater assembled and finished by client.


844-KENA: - HK22, corner unit, bake oven, slab on grade. September 2008.
Fairbanks, Alaska
design: iteration 1, iteration 2, iteration 3
Slab layout, finished slab,
consulting structural engineer: Dave Misiuk

Heater by Brian Klipfel
845-SUTE: - HK22, bake oven, heated bench. Shipped to West Chester, PA Sept 25/08.
Mason: MHA member Brian Klipfel, Amazin' Masons, NJ
heater rendering by Brian Klipfel
layout schematic

Heatkit heater

Farmhouse period renovation, Packenham, Ontario. Architect: Julian Smith & Associates
Custom handmade tiles.


heater by Brian Klipfel

635-STEI: HK 22, see-through.. New Jersey
Mason: Brian Klipfel, Amazin' Masons
eyesketch by heater mason Brian Klipfel
eyelarger version of photo


C-MCDO: HeatKit core. Delivered and installed, Montreal. 
eyeCompleted core
eyeprogress photo. Mason: MHA Member Marcus Flynn

heater by Steve Bushway
704-BUSCH05: HK22 w oven.
Shipped to MHA Certified mason, Stephen Bushway, Mass. April/07
Masons: Steve Bushway and Antoine Guerlain

931-ROB3: HK 22, front oven, slab on grade. Shipped to Rolla, MO. Aug 21/09
.proposed footprint
client's truck picking up the core kit at the shippers,
 initial layout
Client feedback Client feedback

Heater by Martin Palmer
HK 22, front oven, heated bench, slab on grade.
Custom insulated bake oven door.
St. John's NF, May /09.
Heater mason: MHA member Martin Palmer
client's 3-D Autocad model

Carbone heater
HK22 w oven, heated bench. Langdon, NH. Aug, 2007.
clients' floorplan 1, detail
eye completed core, showing heated bench rough-in. Mason Doug Phelps on right.
Client Chris Carbone works for Bensonwood Timberframe home company.
eyeCompleted heater, plus construction photos


HK 22 w. front oven. Sharbot Lake, ON. September 2005
Footprint, revised footprint 08/15/04
footprint sketch
revised footprint, May 25/05, June 6/05, June 7/05
installed core with roughed in heated bench

Heater by Steve Bushway

623-ARMS: HK22, rear oven, heated bench. Shipped to MA, Jan 5/07. Mason: Steve Bushway
eyehouse progress photo, heater foundation 1, 2, house floorplan
eyeFinished house, Energy Star certificate
eyeSteve Bushway working on core, first course of facing
eyeFinished heater
Client feedbackClient feedback

architect: Laura Lee Intscher

Heat Kit w. bake oven. Custom heated bench. Slab on grade.
Finished with frosted glass tiles (black) and Stainless steel tiles, with top and mantel of Limestone
Large strawbale house/studio - steel frame with strawbale infill.
Architect: Laura Lee Intscher. Vestal, NY. Nov /05
Client's website with house details
proposed footprint and elevation
details for custom heated bench
heated bench detail 1, detail 2, detail 3, detail 4, detail 5,
Completed core, with mason Dale Demary and architect and owner Laura Lee Intscher
View from house entry side

Gord Scale heater

Roger heater

HK22 w. oven. Retrofit into existing house (during a major renovation)
Deliver and install core.
Finish by clients (local mason)
Client's floorplan
preliminary heater footprint

629-ZWAR: HK22, oven, slab on grade. Shipped to Puslinch ON Sep. 21/06
- faced with limestone from the foundation excavation
- heats a low energy 3,000 sq. ft. house, with an annual consumption of 1.5 full cords.

Stucco heater, strawbale house

HK-22 with oven and domestic hot water coil.
Strawbale house, Wakefield, Quebec.
Finish mason: Udo Kohrmann.
Building the core
Client's slide show of building the core
Client's slide show of finishing the heater
Client's slide show of just-occupied house 
Client feedback Client feedback

heater sketch

HK-22 with rear oven.
Off-grid timberframe house, Sioux Lookout, ON. Delivered and installed core, July 2001
River rock finish
layout proposal, elevation
installed core
Client feedback Client feedback

Dunckel masonry heater

HK 22, domestic hot water coil. Slab on grade. Harrisville, Michigan.
Delivered and installed, October 4/05
Client's floorplan, photo of location
proposed heater footprint, DHW coil location plan, elevation
final heater footprint (Aug 1/05)
installed core
Client feedback Client feedback

HK 22 w, rear oven.
Builder: Kim Aaboe. Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia. 
preliminary footprint
completed heater. Mason: John Wallace, Chezzetcook, NS
Client feedback Client feedback
finished house, finished heater front 1, front 2, rear 1, rear 2
Client feedbackAdditional client feedback on the bake oven 


Residence in Ossineke, Michigan. Slate tile finish.
Slab on grade, hot water coil. May/04
proposed footprint.
Completed core
Construction progress photo, June 10/04
Client feedback Client feedback

Corner masonry heater with bakeoven, domestic hot water, heated benches. Eco-tourism lodge, Alberta.
preliminary footprint, footprint 2, footprint 3, footprint 4, final footprint

Heater with rear bakeoven, heated bench, and wood storage.
Columbia, Kentucky.
Completed in 2005.

Sustainable housing co-op, Ithaca, NY. Installed core.
Project details
Dry layout of heated bench
Ithaca Ecovillage
Construction photos of house
Photo gallery of finished house


Q37-FITZ: Consult on heater layout and design, new house, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Vincent den Hartog, architect.
Shipped May 9/06
Architect's floor plan, revised floorpan
preliminary heater footprint, revised footprint1, revised footprint2
revised footprint, May 18/05

Summer home, North Bay, Ontario. Local fieldstone with polished granite bench top and door surround.
Masons: Mel McCulloch and John Tenhave.
Shipped Nov 7/02
elevation, client elevation sketch
photo 2
Client feedback Client feedback

Heater with local fieldrock face. July 2006.
Vendée Quebec.
Mason: Jean-David Morneau

HK-18 heater core with rear bakeoven, Colorado (Four Corners area)
Photo of finished heater and client feedback

C-KIMM: 2 HK-22 cores,one oven, heated bench, water coil, seismic specs, Idaho.
5000 sq. ft. strawbale house. Supply components and consult on structural design. 
Foundation reinforcing plan
Cantilevered slab and first floor heated bench layout

HK22 with rear oven, hot water coil, front heated bench. Indian River, Michigan. Delivered and installed, June 26/03. Finish mason: Bob Goode.
Foundation plan
Completed core with dry heated bench layout.
Client photo: front
Client feedback Client feedback

Heater built with the help of Gene Hedin
Client feedback Client feedback

2 stacked heaters. View of top heater with bakeoven, Alexandria VA.


HK-22 core w. oven. Remote chimney w. bypass, heated bench and wood storage.
Heater dimensions, layout

HK-22 corner unit with oven and heated bench.Western New York state.
Stonework by client.
Client's preliminary layout sketch
Foundation plan, revised plan
Dimensioned heater footprint
Assembled masonry heater core, before heated bench rough-in

HK-22 w. bakeoven and domestic hot water, Canton, NY. Core built by Dan Pike.
Client applied sculpted raw clay facing.

Design consulting and manufacturing of components. Custom system for 5000 sq. ft. rammed earth house, British Columbia. Heater firebox is used to fire large kitchen bakeoven. Bakeoven and fireplace can operate separately.

C-MAST: HK 22 w. heated bench. Plattsburgh, NY. Mason: Dan Pike.

Design work, custom components for see-through high efficiency masonry fireplace (shown before installation of glass doors). Components for Rosin fireplace. Built by mason Colin Coveny, Carleton Place, ON
preliminary schematic

2 stacked HK-22 cores, one with oven, Ohio.
Client feedback Client feedback

C-CROS: HK-22 w. oven, slab on grade, Lac Megantic PQ.

HK-22 core components with bakeoven, heated bench, Val-des-Monts, Quebec. Installed by mason Jim Mahon, Low, PQ.
Client's sketch
Elevation, plan, perspective
Client feedback Client feedback

HK-22, core kit shipped to British Columbia. Domestic hot water coil, bakeoven, heated bench.
Heated bench detail
Client feedback Client feedback

HK-22, installed corner core with bakeoven. Campbellford, Ontario.
preliminary layout
finished heater 1, finished heater 2


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