Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 21:21:47 -0500
From: John Kingsley <>
To: Norbert Senf <>
Subject: Re: [SB-r-us] Fours years of blood, sweat and tears

Hi Norbert,


The heated bench seems to be a real hit with everyone.
Especially teenagers -- perhaps it is their lack of clothing!!
Me ... I love the oven.  We have been cooking in it about
every other day.  So far: roasted veggies, bulgur casseroles,
fish, pizza, bread, stew and macs and cheese.

The water loop has been working great. Right now I manually
control the pump since I haven't had time to set up a
differential controller.

One day I will put up a web page with more info
on the heater.  E.g. more info on surface temperatures
(using my Raytek), my water loop setup, etc..

John Kingsley
Wakefield, QC, Canada


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