From: "Scott and Marlene" <>
To: <>
Subject: bake oven
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 12:00:47 -0400

Hi Norbert,
Just writing an update to our heater.  We love it!  So far this winter we have burned about 1 cord.  We cook almost daily in the bake oven.  I find it is up to about 475 to 500 in 3 hours after a fire.  We do pizza every friday, it is fantastic.  We also bake muffins, cookies, and banana bread is designed for bake ovens I think.  We cook chickens, turkey, they cook so fast and even, it must be the radiant heat? going into the bird.  Beef tips, baked potatoes.  We cook just about every thing in it.  Some items have to be turned as the rear of the oven is a bit hotter than the front.  Homemade bread and rolls do great.  When it is not so hot it is a great warming spot for other food.  I have done a hot crab dip in the oven and it is awesome. 
I attached a few pics of the house and the bake oven.   Feel free to use this email on your site.
Scott Johnson
Marlene George
46 West Petpeswick Road
Musquodobiot Harbour, Nova Scotia