To: "Norbert Senf" <mheat(at)>

Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009
Subject: Adolphustown Schoolhouse - thankyou
From: Susan Scale <blksheep(at)>
Cc: "Stephen Thwaites" <stephen(at)>

Hi Norbert & Stephen:

We just wanted to say thank-you to both of you for all the assistance you have provided.

We are very pleased with the finished product.  

We got 'occupancy' last December, and are slowly moving stuff in. 

Attached are some pics, an Excel spreadsheet of the thermal analysis as it proceeds,

and a .pdf of the spreadsheet in case you don't have Excel. 

We are very pleased with the thermal performance.  We have burnt only just over a half

cord of wood this winter, and $53.00 of propane since April'08 (mostly for the kitchen range). 

We figure were are on track to spend less than $ 300 this winter for heat, maybe even as low

as $ 250 - even though it has been cold.  We couldn't have expected to do any better than that!


Thank you again, you don't realize how much assistance you both provided, we are lurkers on

the greenbuilding list (digest), and really appreciate all the great info and opinions they've (& you)

have provided.  You both should be pleased with your contributions to this project, and if you

should wish to pass on aspects of this experience - please do so.  best wishes

Sue & Gord Scale

 Scale heater