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Oven at Little Stream Bakery

Glen Tay, Ontario

This oven is based on Allan Scott's 6' x 8' design. Main modifications were as follows:

  • Three pivoting loading doors across the front to allow for unrestricted loading and unloading, including the use of an automatic loader
  • Oven lenghtened to 9'
  • Provision for steam
  • Upgraded insulation system for hearth
  • Arch uses tapered firebricks and air setting refractory mortar

Little Stream Oven

Front view of oven

View of loading doors in the open position

door detail

Door detail. Centre door is closed. For firing, only the centre door is open.

door detail

Door detail. View of doors from inside the bake chamber.

Baker Adrian unloads bread.

May 24/00:

A visit from California bakeoven builder Alan Scott. Owner Graham Beck is mopping the oven deck.

Sat. May 27/00: Firing the oven. The first of 3 charges is burned near the front. Total of 3 charges is 100 kg (220 lbs)

View from below showing the flames hitting the ceiling and rolling towards the front. Firing is finished around 3 pm. Baking commences the following day at 2 pm.

August 7/00: See: bakeoven repair


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