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2016 MHA Research Heater Tests

Test MHA-1640
March 31, 2016

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Repeat of 1627, all birch.
Extra test #5 of  matched load series to investigate PM repeatability with cordwood
Log cabin stacking, side ignition,
63.0 lbs including 3.0 lbs kindling
16.2% moisture.
Last test of this series.

"Heavy air" day, rainy and foggy.
Intake air flow down about 5%. Compare lab notes (link below) with MHA-1628,
also a "heavy air" day, also down 5%.

Baffle supports opened up. See MHA-1625
Air slots in firebox unblocked, except for top course (25% restriction)
See MHA-1623 for other modifications.  

Original test + 6 matched loads + 5 extra tests

Coefficient of Variation (CV, or COV) is the standard deviation divided by the average.
25% COV means that on average a PM test number is accurate within +/- 25%

Cumulative coefficient of variation. After the first 3 tests, it looked like the COV was very tight, around 3%.
However, with more tests it settled to its realistic value, around 25%.
Compare with previous Lopez Labs crib repeatability testing, which yielded a COV of  10.2% with 4 sets of matched cribs (8 test runs)
Note in the crib testing that the CO repeatability was much tigher, within 1.5%, although the CO value itself was about 8X higher than the Eco-firebox.
In both cases, the efficiency was extremely tight.

Recently, MHA ran the Condar against Method M5G-3 on 3 pellets stoves (18 tests total) and achieved a COV of 3.1%

Condar summary

Condar Spreadsheet

Raw Testo Data

Lab Notes

Gas graph. CO low was 68 ppm

Testo gas graph.

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