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2016 MHA Research Heater Tests

Test MHA-1628
March 14, 2016

Repeat of 1627, except cold firebox
Log cabin stacking, side ignition,
63.0 lbs including 3.0 lbs kindling
16.3% moisture.

Baffle supports opened up. See MHA-1625
Air slots in firebox unblocked, except for top course (25% restriction)
See MHA-1623 for other modifications.  

Condar Spreadsheet 

Testo Raw Data

Lab Notes

Gas graph.
Blue spike shows where Testo probe filter got accidentally plugged. Flow rate was down near zero before the filter change. Note the O2
was reading high at the low flow rate, indicating possibly a slight leak with the increased vacuum. This leak was an earlier problem that got resolved with
a workaround (Teflon tape) until new O-rings arrive. It is easy to spot on the gas graph by the characteristic profile.

Testo gas graph.

Details of fuel pile for side ignition. See video, below.

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