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2007 Heater Testing at Shawville

Test HK-H17
March 08/07

Very small maple - simulation of ASTM crib (see HK-H13) . 19% moisture (estimated). 47.5 lbs
12 pieces, stacked 3333. Right side ignition.
Previous fire: 24 hours.
An attempt to simulate the ASTM crib with hardwood cordwood, by using smaller fuel
Repeat of HK-H16, with ashbox door open (more air). (8.5 lbs more wood)
Hardwood kindling (instead of standard softwood), sluggish start for first 5 minutes, apparent on all the curves.

Animation HK-H
Animation, 2 minute intervals. 43 frames (86 minutes)

gas analysis
Flue gas analysis
Higher temp peak than HK-H16
Characteristic CO hump in the middle, present in all crib burns so far, and absent in regular cordwood runs.
Interestingly, there was a minimum in the CO/CO2 ratio just before the hump, that coincided with the first peak (spike) in
the opacity hump (below).

One could postulate that when bad burn conditions are imminent in the evolution of this type of batch burn, with high
surface to volume ratio for a given fuel loading, the PM will show it earlier than the CO. (see below).

Same signature to opacity curve, but much lower with the extra air. See small spike at beginning from "hiccup" start.
Load was about 8 lb more for the same number of pieces, ie, larger pieces. This would tend to reduce the opacity
spike, as very probably does the extra air.

Fuel Load - HK-H
Fuel Load

TESTO Excel data file

Fueling data

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