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2007 Heater Testing at Shawville

Test HK-H13
March 04/07

Crib test. Top two layers are 4x4 spruce, 18% moisture, 4 pc per layer. See stacking photos for HK-H12
Left side ignition with 6 half-sheet newspaper balls tucked into the recess shown (no room to ignite
small kindling at bottom). Similar to "side burn" ignition, except with no kindling.
Somewhat faster start and less "top down" effect than yesterday, due to warmer start.
Very different burn characteristics from cordwood, particularly CO and PM (see gas and opacity curves)
Very consistent with HK-H12 , considering the warmer start.
Bottom layers are dryer -- 13% instead of 20%. This is evidenced in a faster start, also helped by warmer firebox.
Regular air - ashbox door closed, air open for whole burn, no changes
Opacity normalized to a 1 - 100 scale, referenced to HK-H11

Animation HK-H

gas analysis
Flue gas analysis. Compare with HK-H12, an identical run with a cold heater, and with HK-H10, a normal hardwood
run in a cold heater, with the updated opacity system and using the same air.
CO/CO2 ratio minimum of .0085 occurs at 51 minutes.


Compare with HK-H12, an identical run with a cold heater, and with HK-H14, a normal run of
60 lb of hardwood in a warm heater.

Fuel Load - HK-H
Fuel Load.
Top two layers are spruce 4"x4"s, spaced 3/4" apart, sitting on 3/4" spacers.
For bottom layer details, see HK-H12

Newspaper detail.

TESTO Excel data file

Fueling data

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