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2007 Heater Testing at Shawville

Test HK-H05
February 19/07

Large sized maple.
19% moisture
7 pieces , stacked 2221
Grate open, ashbox door open first 5 minutes. Left side ignition.
Very clean and steady burn.
Animated Gif below, taken at 2 minute intervals . 120 minutes, total

test 070218

gas analysisopacity

Flue gas analysis (top) and opacity (bottom).
The flue gas opacity at this point represents the raw ohmeter readings. Scaling issues will be addressed
once there is more data, and with some bench tests to determine % extinction.
There is drift in the opacity reading, either from the sensor moving, or the laser being absorbed by
CO2. (update, March 04/07: it appears that the laser is being absorbed by CO2, revised light source is described in HK-H11 )
The dips after 70 minutes correspond to pokes of the fire, when the door was opened, and track the
red flue temperature readings.

HK-H05 fuel load
Fuel Load

TESTO Excel data file

Fueling data

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