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2019 MHA Research Heater Tests

Test MHA-1918
February 23, 2019

Random loading, white birch, log cabin stacking top ignition. Cold firebox, cold fuel
Pieces loaded in order of increasing weight. 
Looser stacking. 23332 stacking.

56.3 lbs including 2 lbs kindling
Estimated moisture 13%.
Run #11 of a cold firebox test series. Heater fired every 2nd day.
First 3 minute of Testo data interpolated - forgot to connect probe.

Pisla HTT 602 door, 22" wide
Austrian eco firebox, see

Condar spreadsheet results at 90 minutes.

Condar Spreadsheet

Testo Raw Data 

Lab Notes 

Gas graph at 90 minutes.

Testo gas graph. Only the first 90 minutes of data (after startup) was used for the gas calculations, as this is normally when the air would be closed in the Austrian eco-firebox system.

MHA-1917 (this run).  1.71 g/kg PM

MHA-1916 (previous run).   0.85 g/kg PM

Run MHA-1915.   1.03 g/kg PM
Plot of Condar current draw vs. time. Gives an indication of real time cumulative PM.


Burn sequence. Time lapse taken at 2 minute intervals. White square marks 90 minutes.
Notice the clustering of the charcoal at the end, due to tight stacking and lack of air spaces between the pieces.

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