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Northern Sonoma County (NSC) Testing Protocol

- OMNI Emissions Tests

Preliminary Results - Not For Distribution

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Jerry Frisch supplied the preliminary summary below of the recent emissions tests at OMNITEST Services.

Description of each group of bars:(from left to right)

Large group on left:
The "round robin" woodstove used by EPA to compare inter-laboratory repeatability. The PM numbers are shown in order of increasing burn rate.

Tall pair of bars:
A 36" zero clearance (metal) fireplace. It required the use of a grate, because it had a sheet metal floor.

Middle group of four bars:
Four masonry fireplaces burned with doors closed. The fireplaces are as follows:

Rightmost group of four bars:
The same 4 fireplaces as above, burned with the doors open.

Comments from Jerry Frisch:

The metal fireplace and the "standard" masonry fireplace both used a grate, and had the highest emissions numbers.


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