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2018 MHA Research Heater Tests

Test MHA-1822
February 15, 2018

Heat exchanger reconfigured from downdrafting parallel channels
to a serial channel.

Repeat of standard 14 piece stacking from MHA-1801 - MHA-1816
Same wet weight, same kindling, different species, higher moisture

Maple, log cabin stacking, 2345 stacking. Top ignition
62.0 lbs including 2.0 lbs kindling
31.9% moisture. 2345 stacking.
Warm firebox, 249F

Pieces are numbered from the bottom up,  front-to-back and left-to-right

Fuel load including 2 lbs kindling on top. 

Pisla HTT 602 door, 22" wide
Austrian eco firebox, see

Condar spreadsheet summary panel, calculated at 90 minutes. 

Testo Raw Data

Lab Notes 

Flue gas graph to 90 minutes.
Note: CO curve is from a Horiba analyzer, and not from the Testo.

Testo gas graph. 
Note: CO curve is inaccurate due to failing sensor. Backup CO data has been used for calculations.
Red line is stack temperature and green line is room temperature.

Maple, cut this year

Burn sequence.
Time lapse taken at 2 minute intervals, fixed focus and fixed exposure.
Notice the burn progression. Delayed start due to wet wood. Compare with gas curves.

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