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2016 MHA Research Heater Tests

Test MHA-1610
February 17, 2016

Hardwood mix
Vertical stacking.
61.3 lbs including 1.3 lbs kindling
16.4% moisture.

Pisla HTT 602 door, 22" wide
Austrian eco firebox, see
Firebox top modified to raise exit. See

Testo problem at beginning of burn.

Condar Spreadsheet 

Testo Raw Data

Lab Notes

Gas graph.
Oxygen drop at 10 minutes indicates when Testo problem was fixed.
Stack temperature drop at 75 minutes indicates when air supply was cut approx 90%.
The very high stack temperatures compared to earlier runs, indicates that the air slots in the firebox have too much inlet area.
Test MHA-1611 will be a repeat of this one, with the air left wide open.
Then, for test MHA-1612 we will reduce firebox air slots.

Testo raw data Excel file.

Testo gas graph.

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