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2014 Heater Fuel Tests at Shawville

Test HK-M32
March 18, 2014

Sugar maple cordwood. 
Side ignition.  Newspaper 3/4 up the kindling pile.
59.5 lbs including 5.0 lbs kindling
19.0% moisture.

Stack temperature corrected for height.
Pisla HTT 602 door, 22" wide
Austrian eco firebox, see
Custom air frame, setup "D"
Rear grate closed

Condar Spreadsheet 

Animation,  5 minute intervals.  Newspaper is located 3/4 up the kindling stack.

Flue gas curves.

TESTO Excel data file

Testo graph
Testo gas graph, entire cyle.

Opacity graph. 


Sugar maple cordwood.  Largest pieces were placed at the bottom, smallest pieces at the top.

Stacked in firebox

Burn sequence 5 minute intervals

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