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2010 Heater Fuel Crib Tests at Shawville

Test HK-L01
January 5/10

Cold heater. Cold fuel. Cordwood. No draft, slow start, dirty burn.
9 pieces dry hardwiid. 4.5 lbs kindling. 59 lbs total.
Efficiency now is calculated at 95% oxygen recovery (Colorado method)

Animation HK-K
Animation, 2 minute intervals.

gas analysis
Flue gas.
Note that time values are offset by 12 minutes.
Temperature spike at beginning is from priming chimney with a torch.

TESTO Excel data file

Not shown: start is offset 12 minutes, same as gas graphs.
Super smokey, slow start, with tar.
Condar filters had a chemical smell. Normally, the catch is black soot, with no smell.
Tar is heavy, hence the high PM number

Condar Spreadsheet Results
Condar Spreadsheet Results

Condar Spreadsheet (includes detailed fueling data)

Fuel stack. Snow is visible on the ends of the logs.

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