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2009 Heater Tests at Shawville

Test HK-K31
February 21/09

Warm heater. Previous fire 24 hrs. Firebox door left open overnight - firebox not very hot.
White Birch, 20% moisture
"Austrian style fuel". Very small pieces. 10 pieces. 4 lbs kindling. 35.5 lbs total, stacked teepee style.
False start, more kindling added at 6 minutes
Slow burn, low opacity, high oxygen, steady CO
Moderate CO. Moderate PM. Low stack temp, high oxygen, lower efficiency.
Data for calculation stopped at 80 minutes, when air control was closed.
Flue damper left open 1" and shut 4 hrs later.

Animation HK-K
Animation, 2 minute intervals.

gas analysis
Flue gas.
Time on gas graph is offset by 3 minutes.

TESTO Excel data file

Low opacity, probably due to high dilution air.

Condar Spreadsheet Results
Condar Spreadsheet Results

Condar Spreadsheet (includes detailed fueling data)

Fuel stack. .

No individual fuel piece photo.

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