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2009 Heater Tests at Shawville

Test HK-K28
February 18/09

Warm heater. Previous fire 24 hrs.
White Birch, 20% moisture
Large pieces. 1 small piece. 7 pieces, 4.5 lbs kindling, 63.4 lbs total
Standard log cabin stacking. Side kindling, staged.
Wood was cold. The single small piece was put at the front of the second row.
Slow ignition due to cold wood, then overamping due to the small piece, then underamping (rebound from the overamping). See gas curves.
High CO. Relatively high PM.
Data for calculation stopped at 90 minutes, when air control was closed.
Cold air bypass open. Doors not taped. Flue damper left open 1" and shut 4 hrs later.

Animation HK-K
Animation, 2 minute intervals.

gas analysis
Flue gas.
Time on gas graph is offset by 10 minutes.
Big CO spike due to overamping. See corresponding O2 curve. Followed by underamping - see O2 curve up to the poke.
An unusual combination, with cold wood, and a single small piece inserted into the second row. Slow dirty start, then overamping, then underamping.

TESTO Excel data file

Note the opacity reduction from a small amount to zero at 72 minutes. This pattern seems to be characteristic.
Compare with the other opacity curves.

Condar Spreadsheet Results
Condar Spreadsheet Results

Condar Spreadsheet (includes detailed fueling data)

Fuel stack. .

fuel pile
Fuel pieces, numbered 1 - 7 from heaviest to lightest piece.


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