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2006 Heater Testing at Shawville

Test HK-G13
February 20/06

Side kindling - very low opacity burn with no spike.
Small wood, medium load, unrestricted air


Test HK-G13
Feb 20/06

37.5 lbs, including 1.3 lbs of kindling.

Kindling from left side.

No opacity spike (!)

Grate was opened at 70 minutes.

Excel data file




The animation shows a frame every 30 seconds of the burn for the first twenty minutes.

After that, it shows a frame every 5 minutes, so is speeded up by a factor of 10 until the end.

The animation loads frame by frame, and then starts repeating at a frame rate of 2 fps. To see it slowly, hit the "reload" button.



All previous burns were kindled from below, and had a characteristic double or triple opacity spike at the beginning.

Note the near zero opacity (smoke), even at the beginning of the burn.

The kindling catches quickly, and the flames are not cooled by the fuel pile.

Note the extremely rapid rise in exit temperature, compared to all previous burns



The pile is catching just before the kindling burns out.












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