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2006 Heater Testing at Shawville

Test HK-G12
February 19/06

Restricted air (ashbox door closed, air control open)
Large wood, very large load, stacked tight


Test HK-G12
Feb 19/06

71.5 lbs

Ashbox door closed
(restricted air)

Grate was opened at 95 minutes.

Excel data file

The laser had to be readjusted.. Zero value between 15 - 30 minutes too high.

Extra kindling (2.5 lb total)





This is a very large load of wood.

Extra kindling was used in order to catch the pile rapidly enough.

Opacity is extremely high from 0.5 minutes to 4.5 minutes.

This size of load in this size of firebox might benefit from top ignition, or perhaps even from side ignition of the pile, rather than from underneath.

Side ignition will be tested in future, once baselines are established.


The animation shows a frame every 30 seconds of the burn for the first twenty minutes.

After that, it shows a frame every 5 minutes, so is speeded up by a factor of 10 until the end.

The animation loads frame by frame, and then starts repeating at a frame rate of 2 fps. To see it slowly, hit the "reload" button.


There is an opacity dip at 5 minutes



After the opacity dip at 5 minutes, note the temporary dip in exit temperature, coinciding with an opacity spike.



After the last opacity spike, flue temperature climbs rapidly and opacity drops rapidly.


As the kindling pile is burned up, the slope of the exit temperature curve flattens.

There is a small opacity spike, which has been characteristic in many burns.

The laser was re-aimed at 30 minutes, so the opacity zero value before then indicates about 25 points high.


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