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2006 Heater Testing at Shawville

Test HK-G10
February 17/06

Unrestricted air (ashbox door open)
Repeat of test G-07


Test HK-G10
Feb 17/06

54.8 lbs

Ashbox door open
(unrestricted air)

Grate was opened at 70 minutes.

Repeat run of test HK-G10

Excel data file






The animation shows a frame every 30 seconds of the burn for the first twenty minutes.

After that, it shows a frame every 5 minutes, so is speeded up by a factor of 10 until the end.

The animation loads frame by frame, and then starts repeating at a frame rate of 2 fps. To see it slowly, hit the "reload" button.


Opacity peak at 2 minutes



Then a dip.



Then a second peak.

Test HK-G07 exhibited the same behaviour (see bottom of this page for a comparison of the graphs)




At 4.5 minutes, there is a rapid drop in opacity.

Note also the very steep slope of the temperature graph at just after this point.



The kindling is pretty much burned up, at which point the burn slows a little.



There is a smaller spike in the opacity right after the kindling is used up.



Reducing the air supply has an obvious and immediate effect on the exit temperature.




After the pile collapses, the fire picks up.



A small local temperature peak follows the opening of the rear grate.

Maxmum closure for the grate is 90%, so there is always a small amount of air introduced at the back.


Test HK-G07


Test HK-G10

Comparison with test HK-G07


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