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2006 Heater Testing at Shawville

Test HK-G08
February 13/06

Compare with test HK-G07, yesterday:

G-08: - less air
G-07 - more air


Test HK-G08
Feb 13/06

52.6 lbs

Ashbox door closed with air supply open (less air than test G07, yesterday)

Grate was opened at 70 minutes.

Fire was poked to the rear grate at 85 minutes.

Excel data file



30 seconds.

The outside insulated chimney was downdrafting cold air, and required a torch to reverse the draft prior to startup.

This resulted in a particularly slow start.


The animation shows a frame every 30 seconds of the burn for the first twenty minutes.

After that, it shows a frame every 5 minutes, so is speeded up by a factor of 10 until the end.

The animation loads frame by frame, and then starts repeating at a frame rate of 4 fps. To see it slowly, hit the "reload" button.


3.5 minutes

Stack temperature is only 120F

There is a large opacity spike.

Particulate emissions are limited by the fact that there is very low flow in the chimney at this point.



Things are finally starting to catch.

The main pile catches, there is a sharp increase in the slope of the flue temperature graph.




The grate air was opened at 70 minutes.

This burned up the fuel over the grate at the back of the firebox, and left a bare spot over the grate after 10 minutes.

The exit temperature started to go down.

At 85 minutes, the remaining wood and coal is piled on top of the grate.


(Below): Temperature graphs for the oven back and right side heater surface about 65" from the floor.

With the ashbox door open, the heater runs with a higher exit temperature, and a lower oven temperature.

Fuel load
Pieces are numbered 1 - 8, from left to right.
They maintain their numbering during stacking, so the fuel pile geometry can be characterized.
Each piece is weighed separately and the circumference and length are measured.
The spreadsheet is programmed to add up the piece weights and calculate the
surface/volume ratio of the fuel pile.

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