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The Brick Oven Page

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The Bread Lady

Heather's oven

  Heather Campbell of Saltspring Island, BC, adding fir slabwood to her 4' x 6' (hearthsize) outdoor oven at its original location. The oven was relocated in the fall of 2002 to a new location nearby on the south end of the Island, near Ruckle Provincial Park.

The Salt Spring Island Bread Co. produces organic hearth breads for the well known Salt Spring Island Saturday Market, Admiral's Specialty Foods, and Natureworks Natural Foods.

Locally known as the "Bread Lady", Heather is also a member of the Salt Spring Island Studio Tour with her home bakery open to the public three days a week, Wed. - Fri. from mid April to the end of December. Custom orders for pick-up are also taken for private and public functions.

This heat retention oven is based on a basic design by Alan Scott of Petaluma, Calif. was built by Richard Dakin of Touchstone Enterprises.

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Building the Oven

oven fire
Firing the oven.

Learning to bake

apple festival
Apple festival.

New BakeryNew Bakery

View from South
View from the South

New oven location
Oven at its new location

Night Fire
Night Fire



Saltspring Island Saturday Market

Building the Oven

Mason Richard Dakin prepares the concrete block base.

Vermiculite concrete slab in place, ready for reinforced slab to carry the oven.

Firebrick hearth in place. Building the firebrick oven sidewalls.

Building the oven vault.

The vault is built one ring at a time.

The vault transitions to the oven door opening.

Laying out the arch in the brick facing.

Facing arch for door and smoke hood (chimney entry).

Brick facing arch carries the chimney

Foil bondbreak before concrete oven cladding is applied

Formwork in place for concrete cladding

Pouring the concrete cladding. Note mesh.

Rigid fiber insulating cladding.

Completed plaster base

Applying scratch coat of plaster.

Ready for finish coat.

Finish coat on side.

Oven shed.

Birthday party.

Moving the Oven


The Bread Lady 
Heather Campbell
251 Forest Ridge Road
Saltspring Island
BC Canada V8K 1W4
ph / fax :  (250) 653-4809              

Touchstone Enterprises
Richard Dakin
194 Ensilwood Road
Saltspring Island
BC Canada V8K 1N1
phone: (250) 537-4216

A mason for over 25 years, Richard has built wood fired masonry ovens for both residential and small commercial applications.  He has also built Masonry Stove Builders' "Heat Kit" contra flow masonry heaters on Saltspring. Along with his interest in bake ovens and heaters, Richard is known for his high quality stone and brick masonry work on residential and commercial projects. 

Phillip Van Horn Design
Phillip Van Horn, b. arch
251 Forest Ridge Road
Saltspring Island
BC Canada V8K 1W4
ph / fax :  (250) 653-4809

Residential design on Saltspring Island with particular interests in ecology based design, healthy housing and the relationships between house and landscape. 

  • Custom homes, recreational and agricultural buildings.
  • New work,  renovation and additions. Restoration. 
  • Associations with other building professionals for larger projects.
  • Rammed earth for the Pacific Northwest climate, timber and all masonry materials. 
  • Offering  design services to assist in the integration of masonry heaters and bake ovens into new or existing residential or commercial  buildings. Close association with Masonry Stove Builders.      


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The Brick Oven Page

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