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Adobe Bakeoven

Backyard adobe ovenThis backyard bakeoven was built near Greermount, Quebec in 1988

Miniature adobes were made using a wooden mold and a clay/sand mix. They were air dried and then laid up without tools, using the same mix for mortar. The photo below shows Norbert Senf and Heikki Hyytiainen doing the layup (and having a good time). The oven was finished with a layer of vermiculite concrete and topped off with cement plaster. The first photo is a picture of the oven in 1996, still going strong. The clay inside the baking chamber has fired to a pink color.

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Adobe oven before final covering

Laying up the adobes

Making adobes

Adobe Oven at Carmel Mission

Bakeoven at Carmel MissionThis is the adobe kitchen oven at the Carmel Mission in California, one of the earliest settlements on the West Coast. Click on image for an enlarged view.

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