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Austrian Eco Firebox

This page was created on March 17, 2015

Vertical Wood Stacking

Cold heater (50 hrs).
Some very large pieces, that had accumulated.
Large load of wood - 70 to 80 lbs.

Stacking (poor photo). Notice the gap in the middle of the pile.

This gap is filled with kindling.
The kindling is ignited at the bottom with a torch.
The loading door is left cracked open.

3 minutes
Note that with the extra air, the vertical kindling in the hollow space acts a bit like a rocket stove. There is a quick ignition, and a jet of flames shooting out the top of the pile.

View towards the top.

4 minutes

6 minutes. Door is closed.

12 minutes. 

13 minutes
Note the kindling in the centre is burned.
Automatic exposure on the camera causes the brightness levels and colour balance to change.

14 minutes

20 minutes

91 minutes
Reduced flaming. Main air is closed.
Only air is from air wash slots on Pisla 602 door.

113 minutes

152 minutes
Air is closed

223 minutes

378 minutes.

Next firing, 24 hrs after previous start. Note the fuel pile to the left

Remaining fuel pile after stacking.
Smaller load than yesterday, approximately 60 lbs.
Dry mixed hardwood, 18% moisture

Coals from yesterday are raked forward toward front left corner, where air
will be coming in from cracked door.

Load stacked with space in centre.

Kindling in place.

Lighting with a torch. Newspaper balls don't work.

2 minutes

View towards top of pile.

4 minutes
Door is closed.

8 minutes

11 minutes

16 minutes

24 minutes

32 minutes

48 minutes

64 minutes

82 minutes
Main air is closed. Only airwash air.

93 minutes

121 minutes.
Air closed.

140 minutes

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