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2017 MHA Research Heater Tests

Test MHA-1706
January 16, 2017

Red oak, seasoned 3 years
Log cabin stacking, top ignition
62.0 lbs including 2.0 lbs kindling
16.6% moisture.

Pisla HTT 602 door, 22" wide
Austrian eco firebox, see
Pipe extension into combustion chamber re-installed

In the last 2016 tests, the eco-air slots were partially blocked.
The blocks have been removed, adding approx 25% air.

Repeat run of MHA 1706, except for firebox exit modification:

Approximately 12" extension of stainless 8" single wall pipe down into firebox. Thermocouple probe is visible.

Condar spreadsheet results, calculated at 99 minutes.
With the eco-box, the test is over when the air supply is closed. Remaining charcoal would normally be burned in the next fire.

Condar Spreadsheet 

Testo Raw Data

Lab Notes 

gas analysis
Flue gas graph to 100 minutes.

Testo gas graph. 

Fuel load
Pieces are stacked in order of increasing weight.

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