Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 19:51:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Alex Chernov <>
Subject: Igor's comments about boiler
To: John McDougall <jmc(at)>, Norbert Senf <mheat(at)>
Cc: <igor(at)>


Hi John and Norbert.

Here is a translation of Igor's commetns in regards to our boiler and boiler technology in whole.



"It is much better to use distribution system with a storage tank about 1000-2500L  if the owner cannot fire the boiler continuously or has in-floor hydronic heating. In-floor loops need low temperature of the supply water. However, efficiency of a hard-fuel boiler is the highest when it is used at the full capacity. Short-time periodic firing will lower overall efficiency. This is why it is very common to use storage tanks with heat exchangers to supply various heating and DHW needs. In such case the boiler is fired periodically to charge up the storage, but at full capacity. Another advantage of such system that it is easy to automate heating since heating loops may have their own pumps, thermostats etc. This is the way Jean-Clode’s  heating system (France) operates with exception that his storage tanks also have a loop for solar collectors hook up.  

It would be nice if the boiler you have built is tested in both versions with and without storage tank if such opportunity arises.

  In general, our boilers are most efficient when fired continuously. For heating of large areas, for instance, when there are people to serve the boiler 24/7. Under such conditions, firebox reaches very high temperatures and creates conditions for immediate pyrolysis of the freshly added fuel.

Gases, created in process of pyrolysis get combusted in a zone above fuel, as shown in a picture in the article “combustion of fuel” that shows combustion in a boiler with output over 3.5Mbtu, that heats huge chicken farm. Similar boiler is described in the article “Trip to Europe…”

Boilers built according to this technology show exceptional, unbelievable results. You can load green wood and brown coal with 45-55% of moisture content. Steam that is produced during combustion of such fuel in our boilers doesn’t interfere with combustion and heat exchange and passes in the lower portion of the bell into the chimney.

  Such facts are proven during operation of a boiler built in Perm, Russia, company “VIST” 8(342)2530164, This boiler has dimensions of 195smx169smx210sm. It heats 115 x53ft x 30ft high building that has 20”-thick brick walls with no insulation. Surface area of the heat exchangers is 12.52 sq m, that approximately can produce 126kWt. Temperature at the outlet fromt eh heat exchangers is 65-70C (can get higher if needed). Fuel used: wet pine cut-offs from squaring the logs. Consumption: 1 ì3 a day. Such fuel in its condition can only give out 57kWt."