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Double Bell Heater - August 2007

photo credit: Alex Chernov

John Fisher
Bake oven specialist John Fisher was on a visit from Sweden, and drove up to Toronto to visit with Alex Chernov and learn
more about the Free Gas Movement (FGM) system.
I drove down from Quebec for a visit, and arrived just in time to watch John lay the last brick on Alex's current project.

Parkin firebox
Alex has started to do testing on his FGM (aka "double bell") heaters. This is his latest firebox design.

Parkin heater 1
We installed the hardware, and did a test burn.

Alex and Sergei
Alex and his apprentice, Sergei.

Heater talk.
Afterwards we headed to Alex's house, and had a lot of interesting discussions, late into the night.
John and I did a tour of downtown Toronto the next day, including a visit to Frank Hsu's Backalley Woodfire BBQ and Grill in Kensington market.


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