Date: April 28, 2008
From: <healtap(at)>
To: Norbert Senf <mheat(at)>
Subject: spring

Pictured is a heater with a Thermal Mass core featuring local stone lintels (schist) and clay plaster on concrete block facade.

This house is 2500 square feet and has undergone a complete make over. It was gutted down to the studs on the inside and the 2x4's were strapped horizontally with 2x2's for more insulation  and a thermal break. All the walls have been clay plastered over blue board. All wood is local to western mass.

The house is heated only by wood and the hot water is heated by solar panels and a closed thermosyphon loop through the heater. On the other side of the chimney is a wood cook stove.

Many folks have been through this home and I think several heaters will be built this year with inspiration from this one.

We fully appreciate and thank the MHA and the many masons who pass along information through publications, the internet, and my email and phone calls.

Blessings....... Carsten Homstead
Northampton MA 01060