August 26, 2003

Dear Brick Oven Page:

Just a quick one to let you know how fascinating I have found your web site.
I have used the information from your site extensively, to successfully build my wood burning oven  (see pics which show a belly of pork being cooked )
Although not quite finished yet it works a treat.
I have used traditional natural quarried Cotswold stone (In the UK) with a lime /sand / cement mix for the mortar.
The flooring of the oven is made with old night storage heater fire bricks and provide the perfect surface for pizzas etc.
I am finishing the outside with a vermiculite /lime/sand and cement insulation to be covered in a screeding (just to give a light sand coloured finish.
I manage to beg /steal and borrow most of the materials and therefore have only had to pay for the mortar!!
If you can find somewhere to put the pics on your web site that would be great.
(KEEP IT UP ) and once again thanks.
Phil  Connor (Great Britain).  

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Hello Phil:

Thanks for the photos and the oven building report. I'll post one of the photos on the Brick Oven Page when I get a chance.

Let me know how the lime/sand/cement mortar holds up over time - I'd be particularly interested in getting a photo of the inside of the oven after a couple of years of use.

Best ...... Norbert Senf

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Dear Norbert:

Thanks for that.
I  spoke to a few old time builders who told me the traditional way of
building open fires etc here in the UK (years ago) was to use a mix of  2of
lime/6 of sand and about 1/3rd of cement for the mortar. Apparently this is
the mortar they used years ago to build the old LIME KILNS used to fire
bricks etc.

I have fired the oven about 5 times so far and inside the oven the small
amounts of exposed mortar  has gone very pink. It is light to the touch but
very solid.

There are no signs of cracking etc but I will let you know.

Phil Connor