From: Cathy Smallwood <cathysmallwood(at)>
To: Norbert Senf <mheat(at)>
Subject: Re: my 2 cents worth!
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010

Hi Norbert
Just realized I never replied to this email to say thanks for the links!
Im not sure if we'll pursue the cookstove, as we've pretty much 
stopped using the Pioneer maid, and just use the neater and our 1964 
Findlay gas stove...
And an update on the moisture leakage from the clean outs - no sign of 
it for quite some time, so must have been the part of the drying out 
process. We'll see what happens in the spring when we're not using it 
so frequently.
Not that we use it every day - we still can't get over how much more 
comfortable the house is with the heater fired up every day and a half 
or two days. And our house is far from air tight...
John is getting the knack of baking bread in the oven - usually takes 
a small fire in the a.m. and another in the p.m., possible with a few 
more logs added at the end of the first hour.
We've discovered that putting too much dry wood in is a problem: 
melted the caulking one day... a bit scary! Didn't realize the wood 
was too dry, as we've never has a problem with over dry wood in the 25 
years we've been using wood. I didn't see how big a load john put in 
to start with, but he insists it wasn't too big!! Once the birch bark 
gets going, it really blazes, so we now peel off the excess loose stuff.
That's the latest from this "satisfied customer" as the ads say!
Feel free to use/post the comments if you'd like