Subject: completed project
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 16:23:33 -0900
From: "Dan Miller" <dmiller(at)>
To: "Norbert Senf" <mheat(at)>

hi norbert,
well i ended up installing a pump in order to bump the hot water up to the HWH. the pump is a small boiler circ pump, but still moves the water way too fast through the system, so i use it with a switch and just turn it on for a second or 2 every minute or so. once the hot water reacheds the HWH then the thermo syphoning will take place on it's own.
i don't know what happened with the horizontal piping that has made it not work , but i will definately make sure on the next one to pay more attention.
i've been firing the heater everyday and the heat output is incredible. it is so even over such a long period of time. we love our heater and will never have another home without one.
our heater is getting alot of attention, we may very well start selling a few in our custom homes.
Dan Miller

Dan Miller's masonry heater