Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008
Subject: masonary stove

Hi Norbert

I hope this message finds you well and busy.I guess we're into our third season heating our home with this wonderful heater you sent us ,everythings running fine.After a few glitches with the gravity hot water system were fixed [airlocks]I am really impressed with the hot water output every winter.Oven cooking is great!

Now my questions.We have mostly been burning hardwoods with a little fir.This season I've put a lot of old pitchy fir away[will be used 3 years from now] guess  should be fairly judicious with it ie I don't want to overheat the firebox?Also,since the heater burns so economical,I find myself saving smaller pieces[branches]to use as fuel,why bother wasting on outdoor burning?

However  find myself with alot of cedar waste.Red cedar burns hot and fast,but again I'm faced with burning a very resinous wood in the heater.Do you think that it's ok to do this?Your thoughts will be appreciated.

Thanks for everything,Martin and Tracey Kiewitz.