Hey John,

We were talking about you today.  Norbert Senf had an installation of a Heat Kit 22 in the neighborhood.  The mason who usually builds Heat Kits we install was to help Norbert.  Also, Dale and Rainer wanted to be on hand and help during a build - so we nearly had a party.

But, we were hit by a serious snow which took down lines and left many without power.  The site also was not accessible or suitable for stove building.  The four of them drove to an early customer to "fix" a tight point which had eluded all local talent but Norbert knew just where the problem would be and fixed it. Dale has written a good bit about all this and sent four pictures of her unit and the last one shows a bright fire working.  So, we are all feeling pretty good this evening.  They are all on their ways home.  I just wanted to let you know we were thinking about you today and remembering our LONG trip to Wildacres. What is new in your world?

Bill Derrick

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Subject:  Betty Eldridge's heater in Lake Placid
Date:  Wed, 26 Oct 2005 17:11:37 -0400

Hello Mark & Bill;

I spent the last day or so (as yo know Bill) with Norb Senf, Dan Pike & Rainer Stoll in the attempt to install one of Norb's "Heat Kit" masonry heater cores in the Plattsburgh area.  Our plans today for the actual build were messed up by the widspread wet snow that fell overnight regionally and the subsequent power outages.  Norb couldn't get into the client's drive to do the work so he handed the ball off to Dan Pike (local mason) who will perform the work alone at a later date.  Good for me actually, as Dan will likely appreciate having a helper and I may have a little more participation than I would have under the original conditions.  Norb has several NYS installs coming up in the next month or two (or so his web site says) in the which my participation (Norb willing) will help me get the required practical experience necessary for the MHA Mason's Certification.  I have made formal application for the Certification and look forward to fulfilling the mandatory criteria in!
   the coming months.  Bill- you already know most of this but for the sake of the attached pictures, I address this to you also.

So, Norb, Dan Pik, Rainer Stoll (German hafnermeister who came up today from NYC area for the build) and I made our way over to Placid where Norb looked at the masonry heater of our old friend Mark, Betty Eldridge.  She's very gracious but of course did not remember me and we performed the work under Norb's expert instruction.  (Actually he did most of the work). I thought you'd both like to see a pic or two of the heater and the gunk we took out of it.  What a lovely home and site.  With 12" of unplowed snow in her yard we were glad to have my 4XWD.  Cioa!