February 4, 2000
Hi Norbert:

Thanks very much for the help.  I've finally taken and scanned some pictures
of the heater, attached to this email.  And I'm still learning the ropes on
using the bake oven, but have managed to make a few loaves of bread and some

One question:  When making bread can I place the dough directly on the bake
oven surface?  Does it have to be prepared in any way first (washed
with/without soap etc.)?  I've been using a brick stone for the bread and
pizza, but this limits the number of loaves since it doesn't cover the
entire service.

The heater is working well.  I'm slowly learning how to regulate the burning
cycles with temperature.  Here in southern NB temperature changes quickly
(-20 one day, +5 the next).  If we build another house (no plans in the near
future) I would include a heater again.  Although next time I would make it
even more central, and use the idea of placing the bake oven facing the

A couple of questions:
- Is there a limit to the height a heater can handle (due to the amount of
vertical expansion)?  For example, could you run the channels up to 11 or 14
feet high?  This would allow you to go through a second floor giving direct
radiant heat to that level, as well as create a neat heat bench/bed.
- Can your heater be constructed as see-through?  Is it any less efficient
or stable as a result?

Thanks.  Here are the photos.  The fourth one is an extra I couldn't resist
throwing in - our young doctor, Laura.