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Hi Norbert,

I have been meaning to send an e-mail to you for the last few years. You installed our Heat Kit core in 2004.  We live near Campbellford Ont. in a Strawbale House. After solving some of our air leak issues in the building, we have figured out just how great heating with a Masonry Heater is.  We love the constant heat, and the heater itself has become a dear friend that embraces us with its warmth all season.  We are truly sad to see the end of the wood burning season.  Last year, we cut all of our own wood and would say that we burned less than two cords, and we heat solely with wood.  We are very please with our heater and couldn't imagine our home without it.  Thank you for replacing the glass

Hi Peter and Jennifer:

Nice to hear from you. Glad that you like the heater, and that it is working well for you. It is quite common for the heat load of the house come down after all the sealing is done, so I'm happy to hear that you have gotten it to that stage. Do you mind if I post your feedback to your job file online?

I think my only issue was with the mason we sourced.  He was a hard worker and nice person, however, my brother-in-law having completed the stone masonry course at Algonquin College in Perth wasn't impressed with his work. We also have had some issues with cracking, but that did improve after we stuccoed and painted it.

 I have noticed that the air bar at the front had become misshapen and I would like to replace it this summer.  I think we burned it too intensively in our first year and that may have led to its deterioration.  What do I need to replace it with? The original is hard to go off as it has changed shape so much. I would like to know so I can get it and replace it before burning season begins.

Peter Brackenbury and Jennifer Madden

It is a 1/4"x3" steel flat bar, 18" long.

A standard steel shape, should be available from any welder or fabricator.

If you have problems finding one, let me know.............Best ............ Norbert

Thanks Norbert,
I'll pick-up some steel bar this month.
Yes, please use our comments on our jobfile, and I will try to get some pictures of the heater when our digital camera gets fixed.  Jenny was upset with me because I didn't mention how much our oldest son, Charlie, loves the heater.  On cold, dark, winter mornings he stumbles downstairs and plunks himself on the heater bench and a big smile spreads across his face.  When he was four, we visited my sister in Toronto and, after coming in from a cold day, he asked where the Masonry Heater was so he could get warm. He was disappointed to find that they didn't have one. Charlie struggles in the spring when we stop burning as he seeks out the bench for warmth in the morning, only to find it cold.  It's just another reason to look forward to late fall when we start our fires again.  I really do believe that gauging our heat based on a fire and not on a dial on a thermostat has made us more conscious of the resources we use.  Our house is alive with a fire at its heart.
Thanks Again,
Peter Brackenbury and Jenny Madden
Warkworth, ON