From: "tom bocchino" <>
Date: 2005/09/04 Sun PM 10:25:49 EDT
To: <>

Subject: My Wood Fired Bake Oven

I have been a regular visitor to your website for a couple of years now.  Thanks to your motivation, I built a masonry bake oven this year in my backyard in Cary North Carolina.  I had never done masonry work before except for a small project at my old home in texas.  Anyway, the plans for my bake oven were partly based on a Scott design, and partly based on Rado Clovis designs.  I also built a stone walkway and slate patio.  I have attached some pictures. 

It took me about 1 year to complete my project and sometimes I was down a bit because of my neighbors complaints about the mess. In fact, my homeowners association 'fined' me $250 because the project took longer than they desired.  I live in a suburb of Raleigh called Cary, which is a haven for snooty southerners and grouchy yankees.  It was a no-win situation.  During my 'down days' I would look at the fine ovens and cooking examples on your website and become re-energized. Now I am cooking in my oven every week. My kids love to participate in the pizza making process. This is such a great experience that I will always have a wood fired oven in any home I own!

Photo By: Tom

Oven Name: The JohnnyMAC

Location: Cary North Carolina, USA

Construction: Brick, more Brick, and lots more brick

Roof material: Custom fitted metallic roof

Description: This oven was constructed of used brick and block which I salvaged from old houses which were being torn down to build mini-malls and gas stations in the area. The roof was custom made by a friend who owns a metallic roofing company.  Please note the chimney design.  I created an offet flu by cutting the flu pipe at 45 degree angle so that the chimney would be 4-5 inches back from the front of the oven.  I also built the stone patio and walkway during my 'spare'time. It was great fun, and now I am reaping the fruits of my labour.